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From the very beginning, we have sought the absolute best care for Adahlia and knew we would never stop seeking a cure.  We have flown across the country for second opinions, video-conferenced with professionals in England, and sought advice and therapeutic interventions from healing traditions around the world.

It is no secret that medical care is expensive.  Since modern, conventional medicine cannot offer us a cure and has only a few, limited therapies (such as monthly blood transfusions), most of what we are doing to help Adahlia is not covered by insurance.  In addition to her regular medical care, we are actively pursuing natural, alchemical (spagyric), Chinese, homeopathic, Japanese, somatic, visceral manipulative, herbal, and nutritional medicines for her.  She has had nutrition tests, allergy tests, genetic tests, heavy metal tests, and others.  These tests and therapies cost hundreds or thousands of dollars each every month.

There is no end in sight to the expense.  But that’s okay.  We are determined to find a cure.  If you would like to help our family in our quest to cure Adahlia, we thank you!

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Every moment of our lives is a miracle. No where is that truth more prevalent than with Adahlia, who would not be here today if it were not for the miracle of medicine and the kindness of the folks who decided to donate blood, never imagining that it would go to save the life of a baby girl.  They will never know how grateful I am every time I watch its deep ruby redness drip into her veins, turning her pale cheeks pink again.  If you are thinking of doing a random act of kindness, I urge you to give blood!  You WILL save a life.

Maybe even Adahlia’s.

Thank you so much.

Love, Erika

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