Bracelets for Adahlia

Do you want to wear a show of support for Adahlia? Would you like to be a part of a beautiful movement for the power of spirituality and natural medicine in modern medicine?

It has become the official bracelet of support and prayer for Adahlia’s healing. It’s not your typical silicon plastic “support” bracelet. It’s much prettier. Colorful and natural, it is both classy and earthy. It looks nice with nearly everything and it feels even better.

The "Official" Adahlia Bracelet for Healing

The “Official” Adahlia Bracelet for Healing
 $3.75 (click image to purchase)

Adahlia’s bracelet is an all-wood bracelet with a color image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I’m not Catholic.  Why would I want this bracelet?

The story of how this bracelet came to be the bracelet of support and prayer for Adahlia’s healing is beautiful:

A bracelet very similar to this, but on black wood, was given to me by a woman who was a complete stranger at the time. She learned of Adahlia’s situation when I was exhausted, tears began streaming down my face as I held Adahlia in my arms. She asked to pray with me.  After awhile, she reached for my hand and slid the bracelet from her own wrist onto mine. She said she was given the bracelet in her own time of need by a woman who was wearing it when she received news that her granddaughter had miraculously healed from an incurable illness. Her own situation has since resolved. She continued to say that she did not normally wear the bracelet, but that for some reason she had put it on that morning, and the reason, she now realizes, was to give it to me.

It was a very powerful moment. We became instantly close, through a connection so deep that its inexplicable.

From that point, I wore the bracelet every day. Weeks later, I saw the bracelet again on her wrist, but it was shiny and new, not worn like mine. And then, I saw it on the wrists of her friends. How was that possible? What was happening?

I learned that she had been able to obtain several new bracelets in the style exactly like mine and that there were now dozens of women wearing them in prayer for a miracle for Adahlia and our family.

While we have been unable to get more of the same exact bracelet, this one is almost identical. The images are exactly the same. The shape of the bracelet is like the black, original bracelet, but the wood is stained brown instead of black. The round separator beads are also wood, instead of plastic with silver paint, like the original:

The bracelet is strung on elastic and it is therefore self-adjustable. I was able to purchase these at wholesale cost. I wish to distribute as many as possible.

Why would you want to wear it?

  • to show support for Adahlia.
  • to express your commitment to integrative medicine.
  • to affirm your belief in the power of spirituality and mindfulness in medicine.
  • to advocate for the power and efficacy of a natural, proactive, and herbal approach to health and medicine.
  • to remind yourself to send Adahlia positive, vital, joyful energy, and to pray for her.
  • to affirm your belief in miraculous healing.
  • to call for a complete recovery of health for Adahlia.
  • to acknowledge the beauty of faith — all faith.
  • to affirm the beauty and interconnectedness of humanity.
  • to express your love for the divine feminine and/or holy mother.
  • to remind yourself to give thanksgiving and be peaceful.
  • to remind yourself of all the miracles that have happened, and are happening, and will happen.
  • to remind yourself of the miracle of your own life and loved ones.

Purchasing Details:

  • I am offering the bracelet at only $3.75. (They retail for $7.95.)
  • S/H is only $2.20 in the United States for up to 3 bracelets.
  • Buy a bunch and hand them out to others!  Purchase 10 bracelets and get 2 free.
  • After purchasing your bracelet for Adahlia, please consider making a donation to the DBA Foundation, which provides actively support researchers looking for a cure.
Adahlia's Bracelet  Cost: $3.75

Adahlia’s Bracelet  $3.75

Click the Image to Purchase.

Thank you! Blessings and love.

Erika Marie

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