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Adahlia’s Birthday and Independence Day Prayer Drive

Update:  While we didn’t receive a miracle cure for Adahlia on her first birthday, we are still inviting sentiments of love and health for Adahlia.  Please feel free to offer your prayer for her here.   (For posterity’s sake, I have left the original message below.) 

Thank you for your love and support!!!


In just a few weeks, Adahlia will celebrate a huge milestone: her first birthday. More than anything, I want her gift to be the gift of health. In the hope of rallying her energy to the frequency in which she will no longer need blood transfusions, I am calling for prayer, love and light. By July 3, 2013, I hope to collect 81 prayers and expressions of love on this page. With your prayer and love, may her first birthday be a day of transformation, and Independence Day mark the day of her independence from transfusions.

Thank you to all the beautiful people who send their love, energy, and light!

PS:  Why 81? In ancient Chinese culture, numbers had yin and yang significance. Evens are yin, odds yang. 9 is the highest yang number, and so it is associated with greatest abundance and growing energy. 9×9, or 81, is symbolic of the highest possible yang energy, of ever-expansion.  As 8+1 equals 9, there are actually 3 nines in 81, making it a trinity of 9’s… and trinities are considered an especially sacred number in many traditions.

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  1. Eri, Gen shared your blog. I’m happy to be able to follow your experience, as I think and pray for you and Adahlia often.

  2. Erika,
    I have been thinking of you often and this website brings inspiration, love and tears to my eyes. I will now be more continually praying for you and your sweet family. Please let me know if I can do anything. I noticed I don’t have your phone number, but am here to help if you need anything.
    Lots of love,

  3. Sending many thoughts of healing and health to that sweet little girl and to her parents. Erika, you are an inspiration in life and healing. Big hugs and love!

  4. All of my love to you and your precious girl! Please know that you are in my thoughts always! I have no contact info for you but would love to reconnect 🙂

  5. May light stream into you, that can take hold of you.
    I follow its rays with the warmth of my love.
    I think with my thinking’s best thoughts of joy.
    On the stirrings of your heart.
    Thoughts to strengthen you,
    Thoughts to carry you,
    Thoughts to cleanse you.
    I want to gather my thoughts of joy
    Before the steps of your life,
    That they bind themselves to your will for life,
    That it finds itself with strength, In all the world,
    Ever more,
    Through itself.

    ~ rudolf steiner ( prayer spoken by grown-up to small child)

    A little waldorf/steiner/anthroposophy prayer to you.


  6. Wishing Adahlia the happiest of birthday with more than a 100 prayers as she enters a new year. You are a beautiful light in this world, Adahila. Much love to you and your family.

  7. Prayers, love, and light for all of you as you look forward to this happy milestone. I’d like to send special intentions for Erika and Adahlia. I believe that the connection between mother and child is as strong and significant as Erika describes. Thus, I wish that her healing process be Adahlia’s as well and that Erika’s renewed vitality will be shared with Adahlia in both resumed physical closeness and in the milk Erika provides, as well as love and laughter in their family home.

  8. i pray for healing. I pray that there is an angel looking over my shoulder now, waiting (patiently) to check his email, and saying “hmmm.. interesting website, maybe i should help.” much love to all. O.K. Gabriel, you can check your email now… sheeesh!

  9. Sending you love and blessings from Atascadero, California. You & Adahlia are being prayed for…you are not alone in this!

  10. Blessings to babies
    Born with a wound.
    To whom do they go,
    To find their clues?
    After much love
    Out of the womb
    They crawl normally
    Across the room.
    May they find on this Earth
    Their peace, their love, their home.

  11. Sending my prayers to Joe, Erika, and Adahlia. May God protect you all and look down upon Adahlia with healing hands….

  12. You were once a little seed
    And may you some day become a tree
    With your feet upon the earth
    And your face turned to the sun
    May you grow
    May you blossom
    May you dance in the wind

    Much love from Erica Z

  13. Sending much love and healing thoughts to you and your beautiful, amazing baby girl.
    Sue, David and Denise

  14. Adahlia,
    You are beautiful, you have brought joy to my life. May God bless you and be with you, giving you his healing light and strength.
    Love and kisses.

  15. Adahlia, may the life blood running through your veins bring you life, for today and for every day to follow. May the day come in which you too, could share the gift you have been given. Yes, may your life participate in the fusion, the interplay of giving and receiving love in sustaining the life of others and all created things. Adahlia, I pray for healing for you, you are loved, you are treasured. Be well, be blessed, be whole. With prayers, Ellen (friend of Jolene)

  16. May God continue to wrap His powerful, life-giving, healing arms around sweet Adahlia, and may His strength and sustaining power be yours as her parents. With prayers.

  17. Much love, healing, goodness, sincere prayers, positive thoughts and sunshine going Adahlia’s way! ( Adela – friend of Jolene)

  18. May God bless you Adahlia, with Love, Health, Peace, and strength! Today, on your first birthday and in the future! Our prayers for you and your family will be ongoing.
    with love,

  19. I am praying for all of you. I have Faith that healing will come. I believe that Adahlia has some very importance Angels watching over her and both of you. God Bless you and yours. With Love and Hope. Your Greataunt Paula

  20. I just read “Transfusion #17” with smiles and tears… Love and prayers to Adahlia and to her parents… there are no words.

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